Origin:  British

Classification:  Light

Egg Colour:  Tinted

General Characteristics:


Carriage :  Upright and alert, with range of body. A medium type breed.

Type:  Body large, deep, broad at shoulders, compact. Back rather long, flat, narrowing slightly to saddle with moderate slope. Breast well rounded, breast bone long and straight. Wings of medium size and neatly tucked into the body. Tail medium length, carried well out at 45 degrees to line of the body with nicely curved sickles; sickles and coverts broad and plentiful.

Head:  Fine, deep and inclined to width. Beak short and stout. Eyes large and bright. Comb single, of medium size, erect, evenly and deeply serrated, free from side sprigs. Face smooth. Ear-lobes of medium size and fine texture. Wattles of medium size, fine and evenly matched.

Neck:  Moderately long, profusely covered with feathers.

Legs and Feet:  Legs moderately long to hock, free from feathers. Thighs two to three inches long only. Toes, four, strong, well spread and straight; stiltiness a fault.

Plumage:  Tight and silky in texture.

Handling: Firm, with abundance of muscle, showing high qualities expected in a dual-purpose utility breed.


The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences. Comb erect, not falling to one side, tail carried well out.


Plumage, , Gold Variety Male: As reular grey and gold barred as possible all over, except on the head, neck and saddle hackles, which should be gold, and as free from sootiness as possible. The gold as rich in tint as possible.

Plumage, Female: Generally darker than the male, gold on head, neck and saddle hackles rich and clear.

Plumage, Silver Variety, Male and Female: Same as for the Gold, but for ‘gold’ read ‘silver’.

In both sexes: Beak white. Eyes rich bay. Ear-lobes white. Comb, face and wattles bright red. Legs and feet white.

Standard weights:           Cock 8 lb;             cockerel 7 lb.      Female 5 1/2 lb. Pullet 5 lb

Scale of points

Type 25
Colour 20
Dual Purpose Qualities 10
Head 15
Condition 10
Size and Symmetry 10
Head 15
Legs and Feet 10

Serious Defects:   Narrowness at shoulders. Light weight. Stiltiness. Falling comb; exaggerated comb, lobes or wattles. Feathers on shanks or feet. Loose feathering. Coarseness. Any point against utility values.

Defects (for which a bird may be passed): Eye pupils other than round and clearly defined. Wry or Squirrel tail. Crooked breast bone. Any bodily deformity. Gold feathers in the male of the Silver variety.

Downs, Female (Gold): Mottled chocolate brown on rich gold background, the mottling to be sharply defined in outline. Over the head and eyes there is thin black striping, breaking up into pin-point black spots, giving he characteristic spotty appearance. White markings on the rump to be avoided. Light head patch showing up brightly. Male: Much paler, washed out, pattern completely blurred without any well defined light head patch.

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